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In my late teens and early 20s (I am now 51) I was being slowly paralyzed down my entire left side due to a spinal condition I was born with, and a subsequent fluid cyst of spinal fluid, called a syrinx, that had formed along my cervical spine.

I had a very risky surgery at age 23 that fixed the paralysis issue but left some residual damage along the spine. The only notable symptom I had for a long time was some minor balance issues: no bike riding or skiing for me.

About 11 years ago, that injured part of my spine developed osteoarthritis, and this added inflammation in my spine started causing pain in a number of locations: arms, hands, legs, ankles, as well as causing migraines.

The chronic pain got so bad that during the past 2 years I have been going to the Pain Clinic at the hospital every 3 months for spinal injections, as well as being prescribed a variety of pain medication. Usually, by the time my 6-week-check-in appointment at the Pain clinic would come around, I would already be more than ready for my next injection, but have to suffer through the following 6 weeks (or more) before my next treatment.

In February 2017, I was introduced to iGalen and Emulin+™.  Within 2 weeks my migraines were gone. By the end of the second month, I was taking less pain medication than I had at any time in previous 10 years.

On June 27, 2017, 2 months overdue for my appointment, I went to the Pain Clinic. I walked in pain-free, and told them I didn’t need the treatment. They were amazed and very happy for me, turned me around, and sent me home.

Brent Guild

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What others are saying…….


It has been about 2 months on Emulin M for me. My ankles have a tendency to roll dropping me to the ground or just extreme pain. Was running with our puppy at the dog park and found a hole with my right foot and to my surprise the ankle didn't roll. I started paying closer attention to my ankles and realized they are getting stronger. Been dealing with bad ankles for over 25 years.

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Helen Vervey Emulin Plus Success Stories

Helen Vervey
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5 weeks of taking emulin has made a noticeable difference on my knuckle. I suffered a crush injury in July 2015 and it has been swollen and discolored since. You can see the colour difference, and I almost have knuckle definition again in just 5 short weeks thanks to emulin.

R. C
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I'm not sure how much you know about emulin but I'm having issues with gaining weight on it. Like crazy.
I feel good, more energy, less sugar cravings but have gained 7 lbs. Not what I want to do. I workout 5 days a week I was hoping for weight loss. Lol
I've lost inches in my legs and butt. Increased inches in my waist (center of mass, lol)
I don't feel bloated....I drink lots of water but pee all the time so I don't think it's water retention.

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I have been on Emulin+ for a little over 2 months. I started on M as I don't have diabetes. I was having some results - but nothing earth shattering! But then I heard if you have high blood pressure you should take C - so I switched. The doctor had me on FIVE BP meds. With 2 of the meds that I was on twice a day I started only doing in PM. Then i realized when I forgot to take those I felt no effects. Last week I was super lethargic and I thought maybe my blood pressure was low. So O got my BP machine out and started monitoring it. And it was somewhat low. I reduced my BP meds to ONE! I know - I need to go see my doctor, and I will. But I feel much better now which is way exciting I want to get back on M pretty soon. Thank you Magic Happy pills!

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"Dennis Roberts Emulin+ Testimonial

Dennis Roberts
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Our Dog's Cancer

So I found out that my poor dog has cancer again so I started her on Emulin. It has only been 6 days and wow! She is full of energy! She had a huge surgery on her knee last September and I'm thinking that she must have been in a bit of pain from it and now with any inflammation reduced, she's feeling great! I'm hopeful it with help her with the cancer situation too. D.G.P.

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Our Husky Shepherd Mix

So I have got to share this.
Bomber, our older dog, husky shepherd mix (I swear there is wolf in him..hes from up island..good chance), the most kindest, kid friendly boy, had for the last few yrs, a growth on his tail. Right at the beginning of his tail. It started as a hotspot, we thought. We spent a crazy amount at vet, for treatment and prescriptions. It continued to grow. It was gross. It looked like a cauliflower and seeped.its cancer..and even though Mark would scrub him up, that thing stunk... Bomber is a happy boy... Would have problems at times, getting up. Hes an older, BIG dog..11. Out door dog.. But days he would be like a puppy again. (10x12 headed dog house so no remarks..our boys are very well loved)
I started him on Emulin in March when I was hearing other pet stories...
Last Wednesday, we were outside, and I said to Mark... where's Bombers growth?
This big cauliflower mass was gone. Where it was is red and raw, .... that thing fell off somewhere.. .
I put polysporin on his tail.
Today... except for loss of hair.. It looks so amazing. M.M.V

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Spread the Word

I started taking Emulin about 6 weeks ago. At first I had no results. I became constipated and thought of giving up. Brett encouraged me to continue and get on the Facebook page for advice. I began to see people post about drinking lots of water. I am now taking 3 tablets per day on an empty stomach, and drinking at least 8 oz of water with the tablet. A few years ago, before I gained a lot of weight I bought several pair of size 34 waist pants. After I started gaining weight, I am 5’ 9” and I blow up to 220 lbs, I set the small pants aside. I lost 45 lbs four years ago through excursive and diet. It was very hard. Fast forward, this week I got out the size 34 pants and they fit! I am sleeping without pain meds for the first time in many years. I think I will spread the word!! J.S.

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"Derek Scott Emulin+ Testimonial

Derek Scott
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After only a week

My good friend has been taking 4 M a day for a week.
Last November she had a nose accident when her dog head butted her and her nose has been swollen across the bridge area and has been really sore ever since.
Since taking Emulin the swelling has gone down and she has been blowing out small clots of dark blood since Monday and stopped by Wednesday so we believe the Emulin had reduced and broken up what appears to have been a blood clot.
She has absolutely no pain and I am confident her skin allergy will begin to clear up as well.. love this stuff! K.J.A

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Morton's Neuroma No More

Today I am excited to share that my Morton's Neuroma on the ball of my left foot is completely gone thanks to my Magic Happy Pills! Even as I continue taking them, I continue to notice more things improving in my body as the time goes on! I begin Feb 6th of this year.
Morton Neuroma is an inflammation of the nerves on the ball of the foot, and let me tell you, its painful! I did not want steroid injections, and I did not want surgery! I dealt with it for 10 yrs. I couldn't walk on my tip toes when dealing with this, I couldn't walk long distances with it out flaring up at the end of my walk. I can now walk as long as I want on the ball of my foot because the inflammation in the nerves is GONE!!! No need to take Ibprofen anymore, no need to ice it, or elevate it after being on my feet.
Funny thing is, I just realized it! Then started testing this on my tiptoes, then running on my tiptoes and NO PAIN! NADA! Ziltch! GONE! I am so excited!
I cant wait to see what next month brings...:-) I started this pr
oduct on Feb 6th and so far. his product has blessed my life and health in so many ways so far, Fat Loss, back/hip ache inflammation gone, sleeping better, great outlook on life, feeling my youth again, and now I have happy feet again! M.B.B.J

charlotte Reid
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Too many to list!

My testimony for Chronic Diseases. Bladder, Bowel, Spinal, peripheral neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Arachnoiditis, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep, just to name a few as there is more.
I listened to the founders discuss Emulin and it's purpose and time frames for the individual.
We all have low grade inflammatory build ups from our early 20's. As we progress in age so does the inflammation. For those who suffer daily health challenges from chronic, acute, debilitating and most of us sadly have experienced family or friends become a shock unexpected fatality, distressingly and heart breaking.
Emulin is formulated to disperse sugars and block 33.5% carbohydrates. This is groundbreaking as we store inflammation and sugars feed it, the incorrect carbohydrates and how our body has the ability to process both are very different. This is where time frames apply, plus honesty to yourself as you have to help yourself too.
Your lifestyle choices are extremely important for longevity and a healthier you.
I began 10 weeks ago taking Emulin C and M, I've tried both as I'm not diabetic so I felt I wanted to experience both. Both have supported my body to diffuse inflammation. I'm 51yrs old and have had acute to chronic health all my life from birth. For years I've been to multiple professors, Specialists, Doctors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Physcologists, Psychiatrists, Councillors and any natural therapists I could try in hope.
My bedside draws have been a pharmacy and my life has been dictated by my health, physically, mentally and emotionally.
In the past 20yrs I have had colonics to support the reduction and healthier functionality of my system. All these years has been the same, apparently I was the number 1 client in inflammation each time, for 20yrs. Remember I started 10 weeks ago on Emulin. 6 weeks ago my colonic naturopathic specialist said to me "What have you changed? Your inflammation levels have halved!" 3 weeks ago another colonic, same therapist, and guess what? NO INFLAMMATION. None!! I was speechless. In this 10 week period I've stopped 5 regular script medications, my pain hasn't gone completely, however I have control over my physical, mental and emotional status.
This is an investment in what I cannot see, but very much feel, pain increased due to health conditions and build up of inflammation.
Needless to say I'm hopeful and happier.
In October 2017 at iGalen's World launch, a Brain Formula, Stem Cell Formula and Emulin Protein Bars and Drinks will be launched, followed by a Joint Formula. All developed by the founding geniuses from iGalen, all natural, no script necessary.
Personally I cannot wait as I've had Stem Cell Treatment the excruciating and expensive way, so to add this technology is exciting. To think I can help my brain in being healthier and supporting and assisting it to NOT be a statistic in Dementia, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, well again it's an investment for longevity.
I have more to share of my story, as it's very extensive. Personally I'm sharing this product because of how it has helped change my life. I'm not fixed but I'm not broken completely, as I was, I'm a work in progress of assisting and supporting my body.
My personal motto. I'm happy to share more if you'd like to ask.
Thank you ? Jackie J.B

Reid Charlotte
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"Mary Beth Brenner Jaeger Emulin+ Testimonial

Mary Beth Brenner Jaeger
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Amazing! ????

I've had bursitis in both knees for about 3 years. I have prescription cream that has worked to ease the inflammation and pain somewhat but it never completely goes away. If I have to kneel on one or both knees it's agonizing. I was also taking 400 mg of ibuprofen a day for my knee and a couple of arthritis issues but was told by my dr. to stop and take acetaminophen instead due to stomach issues. Acetaminophen doesn't work and also has undesirable side effects so here I was with no good solution for this. Then about a month ago my sister Heather Popp Law gave me a bottle of Emulin M. Up to a few days ago I hadn't really noticed any significant difference in how I felt until I had to climb under a desk at work this week. I had to to fix a computer issue and had to do the dreaded crawl under the desk (this is going to hurt like hell). Low and behold, as I put my knees on that floor, I felt no knife stabbing pain for the first time in 3 years. I can't wait to see what else this is going to do.

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Global game changer!

Have had a "broken body" since my pregnancy and delivery of my (17mth) twins. Mobility has been a huge issue as the extreme case of edema only left my body about 75%, leaving me with a constant stress fractured foot due to water weight. People were shocked when they saw the condition of my feet/ they're speechless with the results in such a short so thankful! I can get up and down off the ground consistently during playtime, dance parties and walks are "our thing" and I'm sure soon, I'll be able to wear proper shoes again! I have some beauties collecting dust! 🙂 cravings are down about 60% and I've lost 4lbs in the first week:) Thank you Natasha for inviting me on this journey with you! I'm excited to see how many lives will be impacted from this outstanding company!

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This product is a lifesaver.

Here is my testimony overview after 3 months on emulin+... Have lost 4 lbs of unwanted fat, Energy is high, solid & calm, Sleeping more restful needing less hours, Digestive issues I've struggled with for 50+ years are gone, Rosacea & Hormonal skin concerns are gone, Have no desire for sugar, period.

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So Grateful!

I have been taking Emulin C for 3 weeks now, no I am not Diabetic but have suffered from Chronic Inflammation since last April when I dislocated and fractured my shoulder. For most of the last year I have been on strong pain medication to try and deal with the pain which was almost useless. I just had to manage in significant pain most of the time and also a chronic lack of sleep since the pain prevented me from getting enough rest. Within a week of starting on the Emulin I noticed I was actually sleeping through the night again and my daytime pain levels were much lower as well as the pain level I have had in my left hip for over a decade (without a known medical reason for it) had also dropped. The end of 2 weeks I was off all pain medication, the reflux I was suffering from as a result of the meds is gone, my pain level is minimal, I am sleeping much better and have far greater movement in my right shoulder and can now do things with it that I have been unable to do for almost a year now! Every Wednesday we do a 500km (over 310 Miles) round trip to the Coast and back to visit customers and team members with our offline job, this means spending 9 - 12 hours in the car during the day with 5 hours of that being the return trip alone. Usually when we arrive my left hip has locked up and when I get out of the car I need to stretch it and wait for the pain to kick in and during the day with the multiple times I get in and out of the car the pain level increases. By the time we get home I am barely able to walk, have a pronounced limp and am afraid the leg will collapse under me most times............. this week it did not lock up and I was pain free for the entire day!!!!

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"Jey Lawrence Emulin+ Testimonial

Jey Lawrence
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Thank you Val and iGalen

I have been taking Emulin for just over a week as well. Down 5 pounds and at least 4 inches. I also badly broke my foot in 3 places 2 and a half years ago I've had 2 surgeries with not much relief. By day 2 the pain had subsided to almost none at all. I may actually be able to do the activities I love to do once again. I haven't had this much energy since my twenties. I'm actually sleeping through the night and feeling so rested every morning.

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For Dogs too!

Have a great testimony my Dog was breathing heavy and saliva coming out of his mouth. he's 13 years old he has lumps underneath his chest. my husband came home on emergency to take him to the vet to put him down. One of my friends Dodie Cook told me she heard a testimony to give the dog animal Emulin so I did and my dog did not have to be put down, he is normal after a day and a half. one pill morning noon and night and then I gave him more and he is like a new dog. this is for animal lovers. ????

D. A.
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Love it

I have been recovering from shingles at the age of 39, I have not been able to Excersise since October 2016. I have been on Emulin M for 3 weeks! I have recovered from a 3 week sinus infection during these 3 weeks with no medication and tonight I have FINALLY worked out at a level I am happy with!
I am sleeping through the night!
I am awake and not tired during the day!

S. B.
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No more pain

Hey gang, I am so excited to share my story. I have been horrible sciatic pain due to a rear-end car accident 3 years ago. I have tried everything for the pain and finally Emulin has taken my pain away. A sample was sent to me and I tried it and about the 4th day I noticed that the sciatic pain was gone. I ran out of the sample and the pain came back 5 days later. I received my kit and started takin Emulin M and by the 4th day, the pain was gone. I know it's the Emulin that has taken my pain away. 🙂


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No Cravings!

I started Emulin on January 11th...noticing changes right away: great clarity, not thinking about food all of the time, quicker recovery after my long trail runs, and no PMS symptoms or cravings. For those that know me I loved potato chips....I have not craved or had chips since I started Emulin....sorry Old Dutch... you have lost a loyal customer....oh happy me 🙂

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