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In A World Of Carbs & Inflammation, We Offer You The Healthy Alternative.
Here’s a fun fact not many people know: even though Hippocrates laid the foundation of modern Medicine, it was a Roman who catapulted both Medicine theory and practice to new heights! And his name was Galen. He is considered to be the greatest physician the ancient world ever knew and we owe most of our knowledge of Medicine to his efforts. That’s why we chose to name our company iGalen, in honour of this awe-inspiring Roman physician!

Sharing Galen’s Passion!
iGalen’s goal was simple: to understand the human body and offer easy, healthy and safe solutions to everyday health problems. He wanted to help people live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives and so do we! We share Galen’s dream and want to offer you the healthiest, safest and most efficient products, so you can live the life you deserve!

Caring About Results, Obviously!
Want to know our ultimate quality check? We confidently consume our products ourselves. We would never promote a product that we wouldn’t give to our family. And with our flagship product, Emulin+, we aim at offering you a potent, active and healthy product, straight from Mother Nature to your home. Emulin+ is not only going to help you combat inflammation but also help regulate blood sugar levels while boosting your weight loss efforts! And this is just 1 of our healthy and natural products!

For Years Of Healthy & Happy Living!
We believe in establishing a personal, friendly and direct relationship with you, that’s why our amazing customer service specialists are available 24/7 in order to answer your questions or offer you helpful advice. Our motto is to always treat our customers like we would treat our family and we stand firmly behind it. Your wellbeing and health are our top priorities and we will not compromise for anything less.

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